Women’s Entrepreneurship Grants Program



Women’s Entrepreneurship Grants Program


U.S. Embassy Zagreb is opening a call for creating a website and Facebook page that lists scholarships, programs, loans, grants and mentoring opportunities for women entrepreneurs of all ages.  Through this program, the Embassy invites non-profit and non-governmental organizations from Croatia to apply for the grant. The Embassy will award ONE grant at a maximum amount of $20,000 for a one-year project.



This grant is aimed at creating a website that serves as a comprehensive resource for already existing opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Croatia along with a Facebook page that will promote the website and create a community of successful and aspiring entrepreneurs.


The grantee will do a thorough search of the Croatian market to include government institutions, universities, major banks, embassies, international organizations, businesses, angel networks, etc. to identify all opportunities available to Croatian women of all ages for financial or mentoring assistance for their businesses and professional development. Part of this research will involve creating a list of organizations that work on this issue and identifying contacts at each organization.


The grantee will design a website and accompanying Facebook page which will serve as a “one stop shop” for women entrepreneurs looking for ways to help them start a business or advance an already existing business. The website should represent an inventory of all available scholarships, programs, loans, grants and mentoring opportunities. The website should be divided into categories, such as “grants opportunities,” “mentoring opportunities,”  “bank loans,”  “conferences,” ”EU funding opportunities,” “resources,” etc.,  and the site should include active links that direct users to other institutions’ websites.  The website should be easily accessible and user friendly.


The grantee will develop a detailed plan to promote the page and increase its visibility.  This will include marketing the page to potential users, encouraging partners to contribute content and keeping the page up to date for the remainder of the grant period.


The Facebook page will serve as a digital platform to promote the website and create a social media community for website users.


Preference will be given to proposals that:

  • Clearly articulate the plan for acquiring all of the necessary information;
  • Give examples of existing websites;
  • Include a clearly written, detailed budget;
  • Include a timeline of specific steps that will be taken in building the website and Facebook page;
  • Clearly lay out a plan for the marketing of the website and page.


This grant opportunity may not be used to fund:

  • Individual travel to conferences or for consultations outside Croatia;
  • Project activities that take place outside of Croatia;
  • Equipment such as laptops, iPad, cameras, etc.


Financial guidelines:

  • The grant will be up to $20,000;
  • The grant must be used to fund activities strictly related to the project and all research activities should take place in Croatia;
  • Budgets are submitted in US$. The committee will not review projects with budgets written in kuna;
  • Budgets must include line items clearly broken down (example: instead of “$1000 for designer” your proposal should write “designer honorarium in amount X dollars monthly for Y months”);
  • Honoraria and other administrative expenses should be directly linked to specific grant activities, and not for organizational sustainability. Honoraria should be listed according to rate of pay and percentage of time spent on project-related activities.
  • Embassy grants cannot be used to fund religious organizations or political activity; humanitarian or charitable activities; trade activities; fundraising campaigns or commercial projects;
  • The Embassy may offer partial funding for any project and/or offer funding with conditions for changes to the project.


Application Process:

The project proposal must be written in English and must include:

  • Form SF-424 for organizations (PDF 220KB);
  • Background information of the applicant;
  • Program Description: one-paragraph overview of the project and its goals; detailed description of the project activities and timeline, including research and marketing activities; and website and Facebook page building and maintenance activities; description of your target audience. The more specific, detailed, and clear the program description, the better, but please do not exceed 4 pages;
  • Detailed budget in US $ not to exceed $20,000;
  • Description of any cost-sharing by the host or other institutions;
  • CV for project leader(s), and expert speakers, if applicable;
  • Letter of support from potential partners or hosts;
  • Please list all previous grants from the U.S. Government, if applicable.


Important note: In order to receive an award from the Embassy, you need to have a DUNS number and SAM.gov registration. We advise that you begin this process immediately: http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform/index.jsp & https://www.sam.gov/SAM/


Application information:

Application Deadline: March 27, 2017, by 12 p.m.

Committee Technical and Program Review: March 28 – April 4, 2017

Notifications by: April 5, 2017

Funding of awarded project to begin after April 19, 2017

Delivery of website and Facebook page by September 1, 2017

Maintenance of website and Facebook page for the duration of the grant period


Proposals should be submitted electronically to the email address: matijasdk@state.gov. Do not send your applications by post. Late submissions will not be considered.

Grant proposals should include all of the information requested in the application guidelines. Proposals must be in English, and budgets must be calculated in U.S. dollars. Supporting documents may be in Croatian. Every grantee will be required to submit a timely financial and narrative report.


Questions about the program can be addressed to Ms. Diana Matijas Vengar at matijasdk@state.gov.