U.S. Embassy Zagreb Expands Visa Interview Waiver Program

U.S. Embassy Zagreb is pleased to announce the expansion of our Interview Waiver Program for nonimmigrant visas. The expansion of this program will simplify the application process and improve customer service for visa applicants in Croatia. The program allows eligible applicants to apply for a U.S. visa without coming to the Embassy for a personal interview. Those applicants who are not eligible for the program, meanwhile, will benefit from decreased wait times during their appointments.

Croatia is a valued ally and partner of the United States, and travel between our two nations provides important economic and cultural benefits to both countries. The majority of visa applications submitted by Croatians are approved, and the U.S. Embassy will continue to encourage tourism and business travel between our countries.

Under the expanded Interview Waiver Program, the following applicants may be considered for streamlined processing:

  • Individuals younger than 14 or over 79 years of age (Applies to all visa categories, whether they are first-time applicants or renewal applicants)
  • Individuals renewing the following visas which are still valid or have expired within the last 12-48 months: 
    • Business/Tourism (B1 and/or B2)
    • Transit and/or crew member (C1 and/or C1/D)
    • Media (I)
    • Students and their dependents returning to attend the same institution or same program (F and M)
    • Exchange visitors and their dependents if the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) number has not changed (J)

Temporary workers (E, H, L, and P visas) and religious workers (R visas) may be eligible for renewal without a personal interview if their visa is still valid or expired within the last 12 months.

All visa applicants must submit the DS-160 application form and pay all required fees to obtain their renewed visas. Eligible individuals may submit applications via DHL or drop them off at the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb. Please note that not all applications will be accepted for streamlined processing; notwithstanding the new Interview Waiver Program, consular officers may require an interview with any visa applicant in any category.

The U.S. Embassy strongly encourages all eligible applicants to use the program as a convenience. We also remind applicants that it is never too early to apply for a visa once they plan travel to the United States.

For more details about procedures for submitting an application using the Interview Waiver Program, please see https://hr.usembassy.gov/visas/ or email us at ConsularZagreb@state.gov.