U.S. Embassy Zagreb 2016 Alumni Grants

This year’s competition has closed. Thank you to all who applied. This year’s recipients are:

  1. Fast Track to Chicagoland – Karlo Kukec
    This three-day workshop in Varazdin will walk Croatian companies through creating action plans for entering the U.S. market and link Croatian and American businesses. The program will focus on the Chicago market, and will feature three U.S. and three Croatian facilitators.
  2. Anti-corruption website – Kaja Pavlinic
    This website will create a digital space for young people to come together and share their experiences with corruption and cheating and best practices in how to combat it.
  3. Leadership and development for local leaders – Stevica Kuharski
    Co-implemented by U.S. alumni and the Academy for Political Development, the workshop will gather 25 promising local leaders and professionals from smaller towns in Zagreb County for lectures, interactive panels and workshops on leadership skills and sustainable local development.
  4. Osijek law clinic in Osijek – Zvonomir Jelinic
    Implemented via the University of Osijek law school, this project will set up a pro bono law clinic in Osijek.
  5. My Global Voice Croatia – Luka Ignac
    This project will bring together engaged young people who will work together to raise political awareness among Croatian high school students through social media, events and projects.
  6. Summer Drama Academy – Susana Nikolic
    This program will bring a U.S. professor to teach the Michael Chekhov acting technique at the summer program in Groznjan.
  7. Croatia/U.S. virtual youth exchange – Matija Bumbak
    This eight-week exchange pairs a high school in Sibenik with one in Gary, Indiana for a virtual exchange. Participants will learn website development, branding, teamwork and civic engagement.