Statement by U.S. Ambassador W. Robert Kohorst

April 14, 2018

The precision strikes by U.S., French, and British Forces were focused on crippling Syria’s chemical weapons capability and deterring their future use, consistent with U.S. and our allies’ policy on Syria.

The chemical weapons attacks by the Syrian regime violate its obligations under Security Council resolution 2118 and the Chemical Weapons Convention and Assad should be held accountable.

Our military strikes are a response to the Syrian regime’s actions and are not a provocation against the Russian Federation or its forces in Syria.

Russia, however, cannot claim to be a responsible member of the international community while failing to condemn the use of chemical weapons and failing to take any action to prevent their use.  We invite Russia to start supporting the innocent men, women and children of Syria who are being killed with chemical weapons.

We also thank the Croatian government for supporting the actions of the U.S., U.K. and France against the use of chemical weapons.

W. Robert Kohorst
U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Croatia