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Passport Services
Apply for or renew a U.S. Passport


Check your local embassy’s website on how to make an appointment, or in some cases, drop off your passport application. Walk-in services may not be available. Passport services are not available on weekends or on Croatia or U.S. holidays.

Processing times vary depending on demand. If you are traveling within the next two weeks, please see the Emergency Passports section.

If you already know the form you need to apply, visit the Find the Form You Need section to learn more about completing and submitting the form. If you are unsure which form is needed in your situation, the Passport Wizard can guide you to the correct form.



You can renew your U.S. passport by mail if you answer ‘yes’ to ALL 5 statements below:

  1. You have your passport in your possession to submit with your application
  2. Your current passport is undamaged (other than normal wear and tear)
  3. Your current passport was issued when you were age 16 or older (10 year passport validity)
  4. Your current passport was issued within the last 16 years
  5. Your current passport was issued in your name or you can document your name change

If you answered ‘yes’ to ALL 5 statements, you are eligible to apply by mail.

If you do not meet all these requirements, please follow the instructions below.

Passport Pass-back Options

In-Person Pickup

Once you receive an email from our office that your passport is ready for pick up, you can come at a designated times and collect your passport. Parents can do this for their children as well. Should you wish to have someone else collect your passport, please send us an email authorizing the collection with the full name of a person who will be collecting your passport.

Return by Local Post Office

If you wish to have your new passport mailed back to you, please include a sufficiently stamped addressed envelope (Croatian Post registered mail, around 5 Euro) with your application. IMPORTANT: Please, do not send the money for the postage. Please note that we can offer this option within Croatia only.