Invitation for Proposal for Health Insurance Services

contract opportunity

The Regional Procurement Support Office (RPSO) Frankfurt would like to invite your company to submit a proposal for Health Insurance services for Locally Engaged Staff and their dependents at the US Embassy Zagreb, Croatia.

As the proposal due date has been extended, the complete proposal shall be submitted by e-mail with the subject line “Proposal 19GE5021R0013” on or before June 2, 2021, 15:00 German Time, to with a copy to

No proposals will be accepted after the time indicated above.

Please note:

  1. All communication and the award documents shall be in English.
  2. Please do NOT contact the Embassy directly regarding this project.
  3. Attachment 1 of the solicitation contains the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for pricing you need to complete/submit.  You may choose the currency of your offer, but we would like to point out that your chosen currency cannot be changed at any later date. – DOWNLOAD HERE 
  4. Please submit your proposal in accordance with the instructions set forth in Section 3 of the solicitation.
  5. An active SAM registration is a condition of award (See Section 2, FAR clause 52.212-4 (t)).
  6. Section 5 of the solicitation contains the representations and certifications you need to complete/submit.
  7. Attachment 2 (Contract Information Sheet / Experience Listing) – please use this format to submit three recent and relevant/comparable contracts – DOWNLOAD HERE

Additional attachments: