Health Alert: U.S. Embassy Zagreb, Croatia (March 26, 2020)

Location:  Croatia

Event:  There is an ongoing outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The global public health threat posed by COVID-19 is high, with hundreds of thousands of reported cases worldwide. This message includes instructions on current flight availability to travel back to the United States and information about the movement restrictions in effect in Croatia.   

On March 19, the State Department advised U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19.  The State Department is advising U.S. citizens traveling or residing outside the United States to arrange for immediate return to the U.S. unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period of time.  U.S. citizens are urged to take advantage of commercially-available options for returning to the U.S. while they are still operating.  Those U.S. citizens who are considering returning to the United States should work with their airlines to make travel arrangements while flights are still available.  Please enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) at 

Flight Availability: 

Only Zagreb airport is currently offering international flights.  Dubrovnik and Split airports are closed until further notice.  

Turkish Airlines has suspended all flights in Croatia from March 27 – April 17, 2020.  Air Emirates has suspended all flights through April 8, and Austrian Airlines has suspended all flights through April 19. 

As of March 26, 2020, the following airlines are still offering routes from Zagreb to the United States.  

  • Air France
  • American Airlines
  • KLM
  • Croatian Airlines
  • Qatar Airlines

Movement Restrictions:  

As of March 23, 2020, the government of Croatia has prohibited intercity travel to limit the spread of COVID-19.  Intercity travel is restricted with exceptions for employees of essential services, transport of essential goods, movement of the media, and commuting to essential employment that cannot be done from home.   

If you are outside the City of Zagreb and trying to transit to the Zagreb airport, please contact U.S. Embassy Zagreb for assistance.   

As of midnight March 19, 2020 the Government of Croatia has implemented extensive measures of social distancing in effect for 30 days.  These measures include banning of public gatherings of more than five (5) individuals, closure of restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs, shopping centers, sports and fitness centers, museums, cinemas, theatres, places of worship, hairdressers, beauty parlors and similar services where close human contact can be expected. These are in addition to previously announced closures of all schools, universities, and cultural institutions.  Grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, shops selling food and hygiene products will continue to be open with the implementation of measures of social distancing.    

Visit the COVID-19 website of Croatian Government for additional information on these measures or contact the COVID-19 call center by dialing 113 from a Croatian phone.  

Entrance Restrictions: 

Croatia has barred admission to all travelers except Croatian citizens returning home, foreign citizens departing to their home countries, diplomats, law enforcement, medical workers, controlled shipments of goods, and others on a case by case basis. 

Global Health and Travel Advisories:  

The Department of State has issued a Global Level 4 Health Advisory for COVID-19.  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 2 Global COVID-19 Outbreak Notice.  

Actions to Take:   


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