Fact Sheet on Bradley Fighting Vehicles for Croatia

We have seen questions out there about the U.S. Bradley Fighting Vehicle.  The Bradley is an important U.S. weapons system, and in the factsheet below you can find information about both the Bradley and the U.S. offer of Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Croatia.

  • The Bradley M2A2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles currently offered to Croatia are a battle-tested weapons system.
  • The United States maintains more than 2,000 Bradleys in its fleet, in use with active-duty U.S. Army units (such as the 1st Infantry Division, a brigade of which is currently deployed to Europe with its Bradleys in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve), and in the U.S. Army National Guard. Of the 2,000 in our U.S. fleet, more than 500 are the same Bradleys on offer to Croatia.
  • The 84 Bradleys offered by the United States are the same model in use by the Minnesota National Guard, whose close cooperation with Croatia through the State Partnership Program (SPP) spans 25 years. The Minnesota National Guard will help Croatia integrate, train, and maintain the Bradley capability through long-term SPP initiatives together with the Croatian Armed Forces.
  • The Bradley is easily enhanced; for example, the Minnesota Army National Guard added a UAV control component to their vehicles, and the Croatian Army has requested the same.
  • The U.S. Army will maintain the U.S. fleet of Bradleys for the next several decades, at least 20 more years in active duty before transitioning them to National Guard units for further use.
  • The Bradleys on offer to Croatia share approximately 70% of the same parts as other Bradleys in the U.S. inventory, providing demonstrable assurances of longer-term availability for parts and supplies.
  • The U.S. Army has a strong record of ensuring assistance to our partner nations for effectively sustaining their U.S. equipment.  Such activities include maintaining qualified sources of supply and repair, bundling procurement contract requirements for economies of scale, proactive parts redesign and supplier requalification, as well as continued product support for legacy variants of weapons systems for decades to come.
  • Other options to meet the NATO capability target exist but are more expensive. The United States provides quality equipment that meets our allies’ defense requirements, as is the case with the Bradleys.  The Bradleys on offer to Croatia meet Croatia’s defense needs and the country’s vital NATO-capability targets.
  • We have offered this Bradley acquisition program to Croatia since fiscal year 2017. The United States is giving Croatia $45 million in assistance to help fund the program, and we have extended this offer for as long possible; no further extension is possible after January 2022.
  • All refurbishment of these 84 Bradley Fighting Vehicles as part of the program will be completed by Croatia’s talented workforce at the Djuro Djaković facility in Slavonski Brod.