American Spaces

With more than 650 Spaces in 150 countries worldwide, American Spaces provide welcoming environments where visitors can connect and learn about the United States through programs and lectures, as well as through books, movies, and magazines.  Hosted in embassies, schools, libraries, and other partner institutions worldwide, American Spaces are platforms for providing information and engagement through activities, such as:

  • Workshops on a range of topics from career skills to English-language learning
  • Classes and clubs introducing new technologies and creative digital skills
  • Films, discussions, and lectures on entrepreneurship, leadership, international affairs, and much more
  • Meetings with U.S. specialists from diverse fields, alumni of U.S. Government-sponsored exchange programs, and American diplomats

Membership is free and open to all.

For more information please email or contact your nearest Corner. There are currently five American Corners in Croatia: Osijek, Rijeka, Vukovar, Zadar, and Zagreb.

American Corner Zagreb

Preradovićeva 5
10000 Zagreb
Tel: +385 1 4810 704
Coordinator: Marina Lončar

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American Corner Osijek

Europska avenija 24
31000 Osijek
Tel: +385 31 211 233
Coordinator: Marijana Špoljarić Kizivat

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American Corner Zadar

Stjepana Radica 11 b
23000 Zadar
Tel: +385 23 301 103
Coordinator: Milko Belevski

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American Corner Vukovar

Trg Republike Hrvatske 1
32000 Vukovar
Tel: +385 32 450 357
Coordinator: Anita Baier Jakovac

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American Corner Rijeka

Trg Viktora Bubnja 1
51000 Rijeka
Tel. +385 51 564 251
Coordinator: Kristina Đoja

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