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Buying Real Estate
May 6, 2022

U.S. citizens may, under condition of reciprocity, acquire real property in Croatia either by inheritance or by other legal transactions such as purchases, deeds, trusts, etc. Reciprocity is presumed to exist unless proof to the contrary becomes evident.

The granting of approval for the acquisition of property rights for foreign nationals (excluding citizens and legal entities from the EU Member States) on real estate in the Republic of Croatia is decided upon in the administrative procedure at the direct request of the acquirer.

The procedure is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Property and Other Real Rights Act as well as the General Administrative Procedure Act.

The application (written) is submitted in person at the Ministry of Justice or sent by mail to:

Ministarstvo pravosuđa Republike Hrvatske
Uprava za građansko, trgovačko  i upravno pravo
Ulica grada Vukovara 49, 10000 Zagreb

The application must have the following attached:

  • Legal basis for acquisition of ownership (sales/purchase contract, gift contract, maintenance contract, etc.) original or certified copy;
  • Proof of ownership of the seller/estate agent of the real estate concerned, ie land register extract, an original or a certified copy, not older than six months;
  • The statement of the administrative body responsible for urban planning and spatial planning of the community in which the real estate is located regarding the legal status of the real estate (whether the real estate is within the boundaries of the construction area as envisaged in the urban plan);
  • Proof of citizenship of the acquirer (certified copy of the passport and the like) or proof of the legal status of the legal person (extract from the court register), if the acquirer is a legal person;
  • In cases when the applicant is represented by a legal representative, it is necessary to submit a power of attorney in the original or a certified copy;
  • If the applicant did not designate a representative who will represent him and is abroad, he/she is obliged to designate an individual with residence in Croatia who will be authorized to receive mail on his/her behalf;
  • Proof of payment of the administrative fee in the amount of HRK 35.00 according to Tar. no. 88, Item 1 of the Decree on Tariffs of Administrative Fees.